Easy Way Heavy Duty-Select

  Realistic wood-appearance decking with virtually no maintenance
•  Sturdy 4' x 8' aluminum frame - only 68 lbs
•  Removable decking - 4' x 4' only 54 lbs
•  Capped cellular PVC decking
•  4' x 8' & 6' x 8' sections available

Easy Way Heavy Duty-Select has the same features for rough & deep water applications as Easy Way Heavy Duty.  Easy Heavy Duty-Select  is constructed with external leg pockets, larger gussets, & larger galvanized steel pipe.  Also, the strong frame has legs that are braced from both sides & each extension has c-channels to hold the sections for easier bolting.  Easy Way Heavy Duty-Select is available in cyprus-colored capped cellular PVC decking.  Other colors are available by special order.  Each section comes standard with 10 1/2' pipes.  Longer pipe & stabilizing x-bracing are available to customize your configuration.